Tuesday, 3 January 2012

To do this week -

So I've had a great holiday but I'm about a week behind (this does not bode well) So today is a day of planning and making sure I get back on the horse. Unfortunalty I couldn't find a daily planner in time to get back to uni, so this will have to do.

Priority -
Human Design -
 mood board
 new design ideas
 finalized designs

New Storyboard
New Animatic - once completed to be sent to foley artist (if I have one)

If I have time -
Layout  - for print and Flash
Test animation - a shot of corresponding traditional and digital.

Tuesday -
(11 - 12) plan time
(12 - 2) mood boards for people
(2- 4) new design ideas
(4-5) start to finalise ideas

Wednesday -
(10 - 12) storyboard
(1-4) re-do animatic

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