Friday, 28 October 2011

Test Monster

I had it in my head and I just had to sketch it down. It's very messy and I know there are mistakes, but it's a 'dirty baby' as John P would say. On to the next task.


So he's come a little way. Been dragged through drawing, photo collage and indecision. I had to nail his design to understand how he was going to move so this stage was pretty important. Anyway, after watching the Annecy animation (which I have put in the previous post) I have gone back to one of my original ideas of having him as a shadow, with more ability to use squash and stretch.
Here he is -

Thursday, 27 October 2011


I really like that the monster is so fluid and more of a shame than anything else. Also that his colour code is pretty much dark blue and darker blue. Might help my design a bit. Gosh, I have too many design styles that I like and they are so polar!
Really need to upload some more designs!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Week 5

  24.10.11 25.10.11 26.10.11 27.10.11 28.10.11
Week 5 Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
10.00 AM     Script Live Draw research Script At Home Professional Practice IN UNI
10.30 AM     Script Live Draw research Script At Home Visual Culture IN UNI
11.00 AM     Script Live Draw research Script At Home Propsal for Animation IN UNI
11.30 AM     Red Group Tutorial Live Draw research Script   Life Drawing
12.00 PM     Red Group Tutorial Copy up Notes Live Draw research At Home Extra  
12.30 PM     Red Group Tutorial Copy up Notes Live Draw research   Gone  
1.00 PM             Lunch  
1.30 PM          
2.00 PM     Research Research Research
2.30 PM     Listen to CD Storyboard Research Aims
3.00 PM     Start Design Storyboard Live Draw Design
3.30 PM     Start Design Storyboard Live Draw Design    Do 1/2 hour research a day
4.00 PM     Start Design Storyboard Live Draw Design   Find companies in the UK
4.30 PM     Find Companies    Live Draw Design Copy up notes  
5.00 PM     Find Companies    Find Companies   Script    
5.30 PM     Find Companies      Storyboard  
6.00 PM     Copy up Notes       Live Draw Research  
Character Design using collage

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Ok, so this is my animatic for my film 'Don't Step on the Crack'. It's missing some key sounds.
Like at the beginning, before the title, there will be sounds of my monster walking up and huffing as he sits down. Also the sounds of the people. But the foley is so far taken from youtube, which I will not be doing for my actual film. This animatic is also a working progress. Especially as it exported a bit funny (it was widescreen at one point).

Anyway, I enjoyed making it.

Saturday, 15 October 2011


I accidently stumbled on this and thought it was rather appropriate. I need to have a go at colour scripts.

Go here for more

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Had a lecture this morning about how to design characters without putting pencil to paper. So I thought I'd have a go to free myself up a bit, I can always go back to drawing afterwards.
So here are some attempts using Photoshop -

Have managed to spend all afternoon doing these. Very fun but I'm finding it tricky to think of animal parts to put together. Should probably look further afield. Hopefully, these will improve.

Bird test

Just a very quick test as I want to have a bird in my final animation. Also, have not animated in a looooong time so it was good for me.

I know the bird is too fast, bit of a shame. But it's all a learning curb.

Monday, 10 October 2011


This is my story so far. It's for a 1 minute film created in flash. It definatly needs tweeking but this is what I have at the moment;

A monster sits down by the side of the pavement and waits like he’s sat by a lake ready to fish. Soon a little bird lands on his nose, he bats it away irritably. The bird flies around his head and lands on his nose again. He growls and shoes it away again but it does the same thing. The monster gets too angry and snaps it into his mouth in a fury but doesn’t chew.

After he calms down he feels guilty about the bird, after a short deliberation he opens his mouth wide ‘aaaaaghhhhh’ and the bird flies out around his head and lands on his nose again. He smiles and leaves it there.

Just as you think the film is about to end, the camera has started a slow and happy zoom out, a person walks past and the monster grabs them. The screen goes black on the sound of a loud snap (something like he’s bitten their head off).

The end.

I've also drawn up my first very rough storyboard and painstakingly scanned it in. Please click to enlarge so you can actually see what's going on. Any comments welcome (on storyboard and story)

Monday, 3 October 2011

some monster music

Fallulah - out of it

I was researching monsters and I stumbled on this. The monsters are really creepy and disturbing but also really sweet and likeable. I think I would like my monster to be similar, still scary but with a soft side too.

Its a good song too.