Friday, 30 September 2011

some more relvent research

goat and the well

forest trio

some really good films we watched today which inspired my slight change of idea.


So I'm trying to be very organised this year (So that I actually have a film that is finished and that I'm proud of.)This involves planning out my week so that I actually do 8 hours a day and setting myself weekly goals.

Here is my first timetable -

My Idea

This was my first idea, handed in on Wednesday 28th of September.

I want to make a short film that is fully realised and complete. I want it to be something that I am proud of and that I can use in a Show reel.
I would also like something that I can put out in the festival circuit.
It is going to be a short and sweet animation with a complete story arch. The premise is that a boy steps on a crack and falls down into the bogeyman’s lair. But, he is only imaging and is snapped out of his nightmarish daydream by his older sister.

It will be a hand drawn animation, with the safe half of story being traditionally coloured (watercolour or pencil) and the nightmare coloured in Photoshop with a more graphic style.
I want to complete this project alone, but will need help with sound/ music.

Some more...

A little bit of research...

The Little Boy and the Beast go here (click on the top link, it's in German but you get the gist)
I think the background is brilliant. White space but with the right elements to make it seam like it exists. This really fits in with the style I had in my head.

(Really need to make more line ups, something I endevour to do this time)