Monday, 10 October 2011


This is my story so far. It's for a 1 minute film created in flash. It definatly needs tweeking but this is what I have at the moment;

A monster sits down by the side of the pavement and waits like he’s sat by a lake ready to fish. Soon a little bird lands on his nose, he bats it away irritably. The bird flies around his head and lands on his nose again. He growls and shoes it away again but it does the same thing. The monster gets too angry and snaps it into his mouth in a fury but doesn’t chew.

After he calms down he feels guilty about the bird, after a short deliberation he opens his mouth wide ‘aaaaaghhhhh’ and the bird flies out around his head and lands on his nose again. He smiles and leaves it there.

Just as you think the film is about to end, the camera has started a slow and happy zoom out, a person walks past and the monster grabs them. The screen goes black on the sound of a loud snap (something like he’s bitten their head off).

The end.

I've also drawn up my first very rough storyboard and painstakingly scanned it in. Please click to enlarge so you can actually see what's going on. Any comments welcome (on storyboard and story)

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