Friday, 30 September 2011

My Idea

This was my first idea, handed in on Wednesday 28th of September.

I want to make a short film that is fully realised and complete. I want it to be something that I am proud of and that I can use in a Show reel.
I would also like something that I can put out in the festival circuit.
It is going to be a short and sweet animation with a complete story arch. The premise is that a boy steps on a crack and falls down into the bogeyman’s lair. But, he is only imaging and is snapped out of his nightmarish daydream by his older sister.

It will be a hand drawn animation, with the safe half of story being traditionally coloured (watercolour or pencil) and the nightmare coloured in Photoshop with a more graphic style.
I want to complete this project alone, but will need help with sound/ music.

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